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Soft Kids' Toothbrush

Soft Kids' Toothbrush

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The perfect tool to guide your child towards excellent oral hygiene habits. Designed with a soft rubber U-shaped brush head, it ensures smart and safe tooth cleaning for your little one. Crafted using high-permeability food-grade silicone gel, our toothbrush guarantees superior quality and optimal "permeability." Rest assured, it is free from BPA-containing products and made without recycled materials, prioritizing your baby's health. The toothbrush features a comfortable round handle that twists and turns effortlessly. With just one twist, your child can effectively brush their teeth, making oral care a breeze.

Start your child's oral hygiene journey with our SmartBrush Kids Toothbrush and give them the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.





Usage: 2-6 years old - 90mm in length 
Usage: 6-12 years old - 120mm in length
Lifespan: 5 years 
Ingredients: Edible grade silicone gel + PP 
Function: Starting from the baby's first tooth

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