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HD1080P Home Security Wireless IP Camera

HD1080P Home Security Wireless IP Camera

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The HD1080P Home Security Wireless IP Camera is the perfect choice for all your security needs. Stay connected with your home day or night using our intuitive app, which allows you to monitor live video footage remotely in High Definition, receive real-time notifications for any suspicious activities, and record video directly onto a storage card with up to 128GB capacity. The built-in Wifi signal makes setup easy and hassle-free by allowing users to have access without the need for an extra router. For added convenience, this camera has indicator lights that tell you when it’s in AP mode after booting or if a wifi router is correctly configured. By integrating cutting-edge technology, Chinese WiFi names, and passwords are no longer an issue; while this camera supports 2.4GHz routers, 5 GHz network signals fall outside of what this device covers. With its expandable memory capability and reliable practical applications brought to your fingertips, this HD1080P Home Security Wireless IP Camera will be sure to impress even the most experienced user.

Memory cards and cameras need to be purchased separately, memory cards do not include cameras, please note the information on the product you are purchasing when placing your order!!!

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